Say no to bad hair. Cutflo.

Easy. Beautiful. Free. Perfect hair awaits.

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Track your hair

Cutflo uses 3D imaging technology to track your hair. Simply take a 15 second video after every hair cut and you're done!



Love your hair the way it is? Great! Cutflo can still offer as a reminder for your stylist of exactly what that cut looked like. Remember, it's been a month, they're not sherlock holmes.



Switching your cut up? Keep a complete history of changes and tell your stylist what you did and didn't like.


Find Styles

Hate your hair? We've got your back. Browse hand picked celebrity styles and share them with your stylist. Coming soon!



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How it works?

Cutflo is currently only on the App store. We are working on releasing an Android version ASAP.

Cutflo will always be free to it's users. However, premium features will become available in the months to come.

  • Cloud Storage
  • Innovative Design
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Sign up for a Cutflo account within the app. Cutflo doesn't use passwords in an effort to keep your data more secure. We send a code to the contact method you provide instead.

Try signing up with a phone number for easiest and most secure access. However, email works fine too.

  • Secure Accounts
  • Secure Data
  • Secure Mind
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Capture your hair! Have a stylist or friend hold the phone and record you as you spin 360 degrees. Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds.

Then just convert the video to 3D and you're done! Your first hair record! Congrats!

  • Easy
  • Awesome
  • Quick

Next time you head to your stylist, or a new stylist, show them your prior cuts and communicate!

Communicating with your stylist is key, otherwise what good is the record? Don't worry, it makes their job less stressful, they'll like it too.

  • Easy for both of you
  • Simple tutorials
  • Less stress


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